This version has been in effect since September 26, 2017.  


We, i.e. Wikiki Inc. (“ Wikiki ”), are committed to protecting the personal information we collect, use and share in connection with our activities, as required by the laws and regulations applicable to service providers like us. The present personal information protection policy sets out, in general terms, the provisions governing the collection, use, sharing and protection of the personal information of users of our Platform, as defined in Wikiki ’s Agreement on conditions of use.


“Personal Information” means, in general, information concerning identifiable persons.

“Wikiki Partner” means an entity such as a business, an event organiser or host or shopping center that uses our Platform and the services we provide in connection with it in order to communicate with you and offer you services.


Under applicable laws and regulations, Wikiki is responsible for Personal Information we collect or have in our possession or control.

You are responsible for providing us with accurate and up-to-date information, and for updating that information in the event of any change to it.


We collect information in the following ways:

Information that you provide to us:

  • When you create your user account in order to access and use our Platform, you must or may, as the case may be, provide us with Personal Information such as your name, email address, home address, telephone number, sex, etc. as well as information publicly posted on your Facebook page. We keep a record of your Personal Information in order to identify you and improve your experience on our Platform. Also, this information is provided to Wikiki Partners so that they can validate your identity and provide you with the services you require.

Information we collect when you use our Platform:

  • We also collect non-personal information when you use our Platform. In order to access and use the Platform you must agree to accept “cookies”, which are small data files sent from our website to your browser or the mobile application you use and recorded on the hard drive of your device when you visit certain web sites or mobile applications such as our Platform. The purpose of cookies and other similar technologies that may be employed is to recognize, track and analyze your visits to and use of such websites or applications, including the Platform. By accessing and using our Platform, you also consent to our use of any other tracking or geo-location technologies insofar as you are concerned, but solely for the purpose of recognizing, tracking and analyzing your access to and use of our Platform. The information so collected is used to facilitate and improve your interactions with Wikiki Partners and other users of our services, or to create new services or features. At the end of each session, it is possible for you to delete these cookies without adversely affecting your use of the services during your next session.


Our services may allow you to be directed to other websites or mobile applications, such as the website of a Wikiki Partner. The operators of these other websites may also collect your Personal Information, as well as information generated through the use of cookies when you link to another website. We are not responsible for the way such third parties collect, use or share your Personal Information.


We may engage subcontractors to provide services on our behalf. Such subcontractors are authorized to use Personal Information solely for the purpose of providing the services we hire them to perform and are forbidden from using it for any other purpose. We require a binding undertaking from our service providers in this regard.


We have adopted security measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access to Personal Information. Those measures include, without limitation, the following:  

  • Account information and data, when at rest, is encrypted. Such information and data is also encrypted when transferred to subcontractors, an accredited processor or Wikiki Partners.

  • Each subcontractor or accredited processor to whom Wikiki transfers Personal Information, including for storage purposes, will have entered into a written contract with Wikiki whose provisions afford at least as much protection as those contained in this policy.

  • Wikiki employees who are permitted to access Personal Information are subject to strict confidentiality obligations.